About Us

Cheer Pack North America (CPNA) is a strategic partnership established in 2008 to develop and support spouted pouch technology in North America. The partnership consists of Hosokawa Yoko (Japan), Gualapack (Italy) and CDF Corporation (US). CPNA is located at 1 United Drive in West Bridgewater, MA with more than 150 employees and a diverse technical staff. Each of the three partners brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to support the efforts of CPNA in the USA.

The Cheer Pack® side gusseted spouted pouch was developed 20 years ago by Hosokawa Yoko and has been licensed by Gualapack for more than 18 years. The Doyen-style with the bottom gusset is the more commonly found spouted stand-up pouch in North America. In addition, Gualapack is the premier producer of high-output pouch filling equipment.

Cheer Pack North America provides an engineered solution which includes film development, injection molded straws and caps and converting to meet your exact requirements.

Together, this partnership will ship over one billion pre-made spouted pouches annually. We have the experience and in-house support to ensure your success..